Our Story


Provide franchisors with quality technology and exceptional customer service so their franchisees can achieve excellence.


Serial entrepreneur, Steve Cody, has spent 34 years building companies across the country in the service, rental, e-commerce, and retail markets. From party supply rentals to Halloween stores, Steve has dedicated
his life to the business of entrepreneurship generating over $250 million in sales.

Much like many other business owners, Steve’s days could have been compared to a circus! They were jam-packed tending to clients’ needs, monitoring operations, and problem-solving. In the evenings, when there was time to sit down and crunch numbers, Steve found himself frustrated.

He was using business tools that were too expensive, too complicated, and too time-consuming – and computers back then might as well have been dinosaurs.

Through the experience of managing multiple spreadsheets and business applications, Steve identified the need for a truly integrated solution for franchises.

Better was founded to address this need and built to offer an all-in-one franchise software solution to help Zors improve and simplify their entire business.


Bruce is a neighbor of Steve’s, and with the creation of Ruckify – a partner in business. If you haven’t heard his name in the news, or read it in an article, let us catch you up. Bruce is the Founder of the Canopy Growth Corporation and Co-founder of Ruckify and Better. Having founded multiple businesses with a cumulative value of around $20 billion (yes, that’s a B!), he knows a thing or two about spotting a quality business opportunity.

Bruce’s positive experience with one of Better’s franchise partners convinced him that it was leadership, not the vision, that had been the missing ingredient after Steve’s departure.

They quickly decided that they didn’t just need to meet people’s basic needs, but instead, they needed to produce software that helped deliver a service. This service would differentiate the Zees and Zors from their competition, delivering a competitive advantage for
the franchise.