Your new modern tool kit.


Designed to ensure you can carry out the vision of your franchise with technology. Better gives you a deeper understanding of what is happening throughout franchise locations and insight into what your Franchisees are doing out in the field. Offers a data warehouse for you to access more in-depth information on your past and present Franchisees.


Customize and control a single product/service list with proper images, descriptions, and recommended pricing to Franchisees.

Create email templates, client attributes, automated alert templates, new services, and products in one place for everyone to have immediate access or set permissions to control who has access to what.


Over 20 reports ready for you and your team to utilize.

Export data from the operations software and have it emailed to any user within the system.

Reorganize the columns by preference and filter your reports by date range, Yee, and payment type.

After the filters and column layout are perfected, effortlessly save the templates design.

We provide several templates to make it easy to look at crucial information. Get an individual look at reports from this week, last week, or even upcoming weeks.


Use the multi-purpose calendar function to schedule appointments, estimates, service visits, meetings, calls, and more!

Customize and control the content being viewed on the calendar by using the show and hide tool, or by reordering the content to fit any business needs.

Add notes to the day in order to remember essential details during or outside of the day’s events.

Send automated alerts to both clients and Yees about upcoming calendar events to reduce no shows and late arrivals.

Yees can quickly get to the job site by clicking the address, which opens up Google Maps. This also allows you to view the daily routes for any scheduled trucks. Manage all of the daily, weekly, monthly, or annually scheduled events on the calendar grid and easily mass re-assign users.

Assign and view Yee or truck capacity for the day to ensure the franchise is not overbooked.

“I can send out notifications and reminders when a job needs to be scheduled.”

Caroline Z.


Create and manage estimates.

Reference current jobs, create new ones, or duplicate past jobs when generating estimates for current or potential clients.

Create custom fields you want to be filled in for every work order, so you’re never missing the necessary information.

Track the length of time or age of estimates to understand the value of potential revenue sitting unconverted.

“There is so much data and reports that can be run.”

Mark B.


Insight into proposal statistics, general operations statistics, and new client statistics through the franchise dashboards.

Includes an easy to navigate KPI dashboard to show visual representations of how things are going out in the field.

View any desired period, both past and present.

View payments by type, retired proposals, proposals by age, and canceled values (total revenue lost and the result).

With a wide selection of chart views you can see all the information available on your franchise locations.


Build custom email templates to share information across your entire franchise network to ensure messaging and consistency across the franchise.

Create email groups and include as many clients as needed. Set up a ‘spam’ test to make sure that all emails are being delivered to the correct inboxes.

Set up automated alerts for follow up action emails two days after the initial email is sent, or for a specified time of your choosing.

Attach invoices or estimates, or have them automatically attached as a PDF. As well as, add any price lists or content to be automatically attached to emails.


Get everything done at once, and save valuable time with the bulk action capability tool.

Spend less time in the software working on your business and spend more time building it.

Effortlessly complete your tasks with the ability to group elements such as emails, payments, and so much more.

With the bulk action tool, duplicate, email, status change, edit, make payments and print multiple things at once.

The bulk view allows you and your Franchisees to open multiple orders, maximizing the potential to multitask and cross-reference requests.

“I wish we had this software when the company first started!”

Zach P.