You need to have great technology for both yourself and your Zees in order to make things as efficient as possible. This will allow you to concentrate on business growth and development, and not tedious tasks like payroll and scheduling.

We Have The Solution

Being a small business owner can be difficult, being the owner of multiple businesses is even worse, and we understand that – our founders have been there. That is why they built this, in order to handle the logistics of running a franchise. Whether it’s selling to or maintaining Zees, there aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on what you have to do, let alone looking towards the future and growth of your business. We know you’re a superhero at what you do, that’s why we are built to be your sidekick. Better gives you more time to focus on the big things by taking care of all the
little things. 

“Better is very easy to use and teach – to even the most technology deprived.”

Amy R.



Designed to ensure you can carry
out the vision of your franchise
with technology.

The control center gives you a deeper understanding of what is happening throughout franchise locations.

Offers a data warehouse for you to access more in-depth information on your past and present Zees.

Customize and control a single product/service list with proper images, descriptions, and recommended pricing to Zees.

Create email templates, client attributes, automated alert templates, new services, and products in one place for everyone to have immediate access.


Gain transparency between you and your Zees on a semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Whatever the timeline, it’s your choice.

When royalty fees are due, it is easy for both you and your Zees to see precisely how much
is owed.

Override discount percentages within the templates for those exclusive deals made back in the day.

Create a technology fee for Zees to cover your costs on technology.

Your Zees will receive insight reports that break down the entire royalty fee.

You can choose if the royalty fee is a flat rate or percentage based, and if its gross or
net revenue.


Provides a snapshot of day to day
franchise monitoring.

Quick access to conversion rates, sales data, top producers, and other key
performance indicators.

Include KPIs that give you and your Zees insight into how their franchise location
is doing.

Reduces the time you spend gathering data from all of your Zees every month, eliminating any chance of someone misplacing it.

It gives you the ability to evaluate franchise locations across your entire network remotely.

Create and manage different templates to track how specific Zees are doing.