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Technology can serve as a foundation for quality businesses on your journey towards excellence. Where many software companies focus on growth, our team puts a preference for quality and ensuring every little detail is the best it can be, because our partners deserve nothing less.

Our team provides exceptional customer service because to be the best, devoted to providing the best service to our partners – but they have to get their coffee first!
Our business opens and closes with yours because we know
that lost time costs you money.


Your new modern tool kit.


Designed to ensure you can carry out the vision of your franchise with technology. Better gives you a deeper understanding of what is happening throughout franchise locations and insight into what your Franchisees are doing out in the field. Offers a data warehouse for you to access more in-depth information on your past and present Franchisees.



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Small Business and Franchise Management System including CRM, Invoicing, Scheduling, Text Messaging, Reporting, Tons of Customization, and much more.

“Very easy to use, customer service is top notch!”
– Amy Roberts, Window Genie

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