Meet the community and the people behind The Better Software Company.

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Meet the community and the people behind The Better Software Company.

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Do Better In The Community

To start, we know that young people are the future of our community. That’s why our team wants to empower the business leaders of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge to become just that. Second, our influential corporate culture leans heavily towards helping and giving back to the community because a lot of us have been there.

In addition, we know that youth, no matter where they come from, are capable of the extraordinary and can build on the experience of others. That’s why we started the B Better Foundation, to provide youth with a better chance at success and the skills to take their future into their own hands. These are the projects that we are currently working on. Therefore you have the power to make a difference, and we encourage you to get involved.

The B Better Foundation

First, the B Better Foundation is the hub of our charity and community engagement activities. To start, our mission is to provide opportunities, education, and resources for children and at-risk youth. Steve Cody, our founder, grew up with a single mother. Moving from housing project to housing project and school to school, Steve was slipping through the cracks in his community. Then, with his mother’s encouragement and his grandfather’s support, entrepreneurship pulled Steve and his family out of their cycle of constant moving.

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Say No For Nick

Nick Cody died close to 1:00 a.m. on June 24th, 2013. He was a drug user.

Say NO for Nick is an organization that was started to tell his story and share how people like you can help.

Second, this isn’t a place to judge, the way so many people do when they hear the word “drug” or “addict.” This organization is here to shed light on someone who struggled with drugs and ultimately lost the battle. We know Nick would want us to spread the message about how drugs can affect you. It is a long, hard battle, and some people don’t know how to break the cycle they are trapped in. Nick never intended on drugs entering his life. He was particularly Anti-Drugs for the longest time. Therefore we want people to know they have a choice; to know they have support and resources they can turn to.

You only live once… why not give it all you’ve got?

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The community game plan.

In conclusion, we created a program designed to nurture dreamers, challenge creatives, and provide a necessary foundation for builders. The best part of being an entrepreneur is the ability to do things your way in the community. Therefore, that’s precisely how we want participants to tackle this; in their own, unique way.

Finally, the program will navigate the basics of planning and starting a small business and allow youth to learn fundamental business and personal skills. Then, we provide a series of workshops, focused on providing a fun and interactive environment and featuring guest speakers who specialize in different areas of business.

The challenge.

At the end of the program, all participants are given a chance to pitch their business or product idea – “Dragon’s Den” style.

A panel of expert judges will assess the concept based on viability, creativity, passion, uniqueness, and confidence.

Two winners, one boy, and one girl are awarded with a $1,200 bursary and matched with a mentor.


Get involved in the community.

If you would like to register for the program, you can sign up through the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. The schedule varies in length, but the value of the lesson is always the same.

Superstar partners.

Therefore, we are thrilled to be working alongside the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa to provide this program. As a result, we wholeheartedly support their mission to provide a place for youth to experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life. Then, together, we’re building Ottawa’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

Make the first step to success today!

Book a demo and speak to one of our BPro Software Specialists today, we are so excited to meet you!

Make the first step to success today!

Book a demo and speak to one of our BPro Software Specialists today, we are so excited to meet you!